Dental Clinic Curodental


Curodental is a modern dental clinic located in the heart of the Old Town of Gdańsk. The convenient location means that  many foreign patients have the opportunity to use the services of our clinic every year. Direct flights from Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden make it easier for you to come to us.

Our experienced dentists specialize in the following areas of dentistry, including; implantology, endodontics, prosthetics, etc.

With our primary focus on patient comfort and care, we strive to ensure that all of our patients have a convenient, stress- free experience the moment they step into our office. Not to mention, our warm and welcoming staff ready to answer all of your questions or concerns as they come!

Our clinic has six fully equipped dental offices. In addition, Curodental uses an X-ray machine and a computer tomograph, thanks to which it is possible to use comprehensive dental treatment in one place. The entire clinic is air-conditioned and adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Most of our medical staff speaks English at an advanced level.


In our clinic we use the most modern dental equipment

Computed tomography and X-ray

The Curodental Clinic has a CS 9300 tomograph. It is currently the most modern and comprehensive radiological imaging system available on the market. Thanks to it, it is possible to take panoramic and cephalometric images as well as computed tomography.

Spot x-ray

The Sirrona X-ray machine is one of the most modern point machines on the market. Pictures taken with it are very detailed and are distinguished by an exceptionally large range of contrast, thanks to which it is possible to capture all important details.

Dental microscope

The Curodental Clinic has a German dental microscope by Zeiss. Thanks to it, our doctors can carry out root canal and conservative treatment more precisely and even faster.

Comfortable dental chairs

The clinic is equipped with five modern dental chairs by the American brand Adec. Thanks to their convenient shape, the patient can relax during even the most complex treatment.


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