Dental Implants

Dental implants are medical prosthesis that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull. They provide support for artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.It is ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. A dental implant itself is a titanium screw which becomes fully integrated into the jawbone, replacing your missing tooth root. Titanium is a biocompatible material of which the human organism is very tolerant. Dental implant make a stable foundation for single-tooth crowns, bridges.

1. Porcelain crown.

2. Screw.

3. Abutment.

4. Implant.

Dental implant placement process

First stage – Planning

This is the most important part of the dental implant placement process. Your surgeon will first do a comprehensive examination of your entire mouth, take some X-rays. Base on this surgeon will determine position of each implant. Sometimes

Second stageImplant placement

Surgeron placing the dental implant in the ideal spot on jawbone. 7 to 10 days after, sutures should to dissolve. After the implant is added to your jawbone, it is left to integrate with your jaw bone for 2-6 months. After this time implant then becomes part of your natural gum line.

Third stage Abutment placement

When healing is complete and your implant is stable enough, the dentist will expose it and place an abutment on top of the implant. Abutment connects the implant to your crown.

Fourth stageCrowns, Bridges or Dentures

After your gums heal, your dentist will take an impressions for the new implant crown, bridge or denture. Next a dental technician makes permanent restoration, whih is bonded directly over the implant abutment.

Permanent restoration – Crowns, Bridges or Dentures

Implant with a connector and a metal-ceramic crown

Amount of visits – 3-4

Estimated valuation:

Price for a implant with a connector and a metal-ceramic crown GBP. 930- 1020, – *.
EUR. 1140- 1250, – **
PLN. 5000 -5500,-

Bridge on implants

Bridge on implants consists of 2 implants, 2 crown on implants and 1 normal crown.

Amount of visits – 3-4

Estimated valuation:

Price of bridge on implants:

GBP. 2080- 2 260 , – *.
EUR. 2 550- 2775, – **
PLN. 11 200 -12 200,-

All-on 5

All-on-four kosAll on 5 consists of 5 implants, 5 crown on implants and 5 normal crown.

Amount of visits – 3-4

Estimated valuation:

Price of All-on 5:

GBP. 5740- 6 210 , – *.
EUR. 7 050- 7 615- **
PLN. 31 000 -33 500,-

Dentures on two implants

Amount of visits – 3-4

Valuation on the clinic.

* 1 GBP – 5,4 PLN
**1 EUR – 4,4 PLN

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